About PBE Engineers

A Customer-Focused Mission

PBE's Engineering Mission


Safety is first at PBE on all customer sites. The relationship between PQ & safety is key to ensuring customer facilities operate predictably & reliably to keep personnel & visitors safe in their working electrical environments. When building electrical systems & equipment experience problems, safety is compromised.


PBE Engineers use advanced state-of- the-art technology for PQ monitoring, analysis & mitigation when understanding, identifying, solving & preventing problems in customer BESs & electronic equipment. With our know-how & expertise, this ensures we have the information to explain to our customers how we can help them reduce & manage the risks associated with operating electronic loads on every day building electrical systems.

Quality Work

PBE’s expertise & experience in PQ ensures quality work is provided to our customers. Our engineers’ commitment to their work ensures our products & services provide the improvements customers expect.


PBE’s dedication to training ensures customers start learning about PQ & the importance of starting a PQ program for their facilities & ensuring it is kept up-to-date to maintain BES & equipment performance.

Who We Are

Founded in 2012, the expert engineering group at PBE Engineers, LLC is world renowned in power systems and power quality engineering. Our engineers have 100+ years of combined expertise & experience in formulating effective plans allowing customers to understand their BES & equipment problems once we identify their problems & help them solve & prevent them. Our PQ investigative techniques allow us to gather the information necessary to explain why these problems occur in customer facilities. We measure & analyze the behavior of the voltages applied to building electrical systems & electronic equipment & the currents they require. This allows us to identify the root causes. Our knowledge & experience allows us to match the behavior to the solutions & mitigation equipment necessary to solve them. Our experience in managing the PQ in electrical systems that power their electronic equipment allows us to help customers prevent future problems.

The company

PQ e-Knowledgebase Center

Our PQ e-Knowledgebase Center provides paths for you to learn about PQ & how, why, when & where PQ problems occur. Through our training options, you can start from the beginning & learn why these problems occur in today’s electrical environment (i.e., how we got here) & the facets of PQ to help you understand, identify, solve & prevent PQ problems in utility power systems, building electrical systems & electronic loads.

Watch Your PQ Skills & Knowledge Levels Increase As You Engage in PBE’s Training

Understanding power quality
Identifying power quality problems
Solving power quality problems
Preventing power quality problems
Our expertise extends from utility generators through the power system (grid) to the inside of the customer BESs to their electrical/electronic loads. Our customers include electric power transmission & distribution companies (utilities & energy companies), A&E firms who design electrical systems in buildings, equipment designers at product manufacturers & end users in residential, commercial and industrial markets. The experience of PBE’s team of engineers extends from experts in utility power systems, to experts on IEEE and IEC standards boards regarding PQ & EMC standards and to designers of building electrical systems & end-use electronic equipment. We are armed to address any PQ or EMI/EMC problem at any level. The future of reliable & available power & customer equipment that performs as expected in today’s modern electrical environment depends on compatibility between utility power, the customer’s building electrical system & the end-use equipment customers depend on every day to carry out their day-to-day business operations.


Electricity is the blood that keeps society & its economy running. Buildings provide the infrastructure for building electrical systems (BESs) to power & control equipment & network it together. PBE Engineers specialize in conducting investigations & evaluations on wiring & grounding systems, control systems & networks. We get to the bottom of problems with electrical systems & electrical & electronic equipment. Regardless of the cause, we find the problems. Equipment—electrical & electronic, whether analog or digital, are the workhorses requiring quality power compatible with the building electrical systems & its equipment to do the work necessary to produce products to keep businesses operating & the economy running. Equipment reliability & performance not only depends on quality power to the building but also how that power flows through the BES to the electronic equipment.