Special Projects

In many cases, customers—utilities, A&E firms, equipment manufacturers & end users need special PQ projects designed & implemented to reduce & control the risk of system & equipment malfunctions, damage & failures in common every day electrical environments. A special project may involve PQ monitoring where additional data like temperature, humidity, vibration, speed, tilt, proximity & pressure, etc. is needed in addition to PQ data—voltage, current, power (active (watts), reactive (VARs), apparent (VA)), frequency, imbalance, distortion, harmonics, transients & grounding. 

A special project may also include a combination of

  • Facility PQ investigation
  • PQ review of a facility electrical design
  • PQ study (of a transmission or distribution feeder point) of a potential site a customer is interested in before the site is selected for construction
  • PQ review of an unoccupied building & its electrical system a customer is interested in before leasing / purchasing the building / space
  • Grounding/bonding evaluation
  • PQ monitoring
  • End-use equipment PQ immunity testing
  • Voltage sag study
  • Harmonic study
  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI) investigation

PBE has conducted Special Projects for many customers in all customer sectors & markets. Please contact PBE to discuss the needs of your special project.

roome with generators with flooded floors-min
PCB laboratory device failure check