We provide state-of-the-art power quality investigations & monitoring to determine the root causes of your Building Electrical System & electronic equipment problems.

Who Are We

100+ Years Of Combined Experience

Our engineers have over 100+ years of combined expertise, experience & contributions in power systems & power quality (PQ) engineering—power quality field investigations, software development, monitoring, training, research, development, applications & problem-solving work in understanding, identifying, solving, and preventing (UISP) power system, facility (building) electrical system & electronic equipment problems. Unwinding the root causes of failed building electrical systems (BESs) and failed equipment allows PBE to find the problems & fix them for you, then show you how to avoid future problems in existing and new buildings and when upgrading equipment. Our approach ensures clients invest in the PQ solutions that work for their businesses and budget. Conducting thorough PQ investigations/evaluations, purchasing & installing the right monitoring & mitigation equipment & verifying improved building & equipment performance builds a strong & realistic payback on your PQ investment for your business.
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Connecting with Customers is Part of Our Value

Power Quality Engineering Services Value

Serving customers in each sector—residential, commercial & industrial with a plan matched to their power quality (PQ) needs is part of our mission. We propose investigations / evaluations that identify, solve & prevent problems. When customers realize they have an internal power quality-related problem, they really need help. When a customer contacts PBE for assistance, we respond & listen! Each PBE staff member cares about every customer. Customers don’t pick the dates & times when they experience system & equipment problems. When customers experience problems, PBE is there to provide the expert know-how & support that’s needed—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Once you’ve become a PBE customer, we are available any time to discuss any new problems that develop.

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What Are PQ Engineering Services?

PBE’s five core PQ engineering services are designed to accomplish three objectives:

  • Identify the causes of problems with your building’s electrical system & electrical/electronic loads (equipment).
  • Determine a solution to resolve these problems.
  • Help you avoid them next time by helping you integrate power quality engineering practices into your plant.
Prepare For Unexpected System & Equipment PQ Problems—They Will Occur!

When Should PQ Engineering Services Be Used?

Most end users spend more time & money reacting to PQ problems instead of understanding, identifying, solving & preventing them. A proactive PQ investment costs much less than repeatedly reacting to the problems. Customers who wait for a PQ problem to occur (or get worse) spend more money solving them. PBE helps customers take the proactive approach to reduce fewer financial losses, have a higher system & equipment reliability & performance & be better prepared when common everyday PQ disturbances occur outside & inside their facility.

Anticipate PQ Problems & Expect to Call a PBE Expert

Why Should PQ Services Engineering Be Used?

End-use equipment once consisted of incandescent lamps, resistive heaters and simple motors—loads that drew nice smooth & predictable linear AC current. These loads contained tungsten, iron, steel and copper as their internal components. Powered from the utility grid developed and installed decades ago, end users rarely had a problem with their systems & equipment. Grid operations caused sags & interruptions, thunderstorms generated voltage surges and motor starts created sags. Yes, these disturbances impacted equipment but with no electronics onboard, restarting it wasn’t that much of a problem. Utilities, A&E firms, manufacturers & building owners didn’t receive nearly as many calls from their customers about building electrical system & equipment malfunctions, damage & failures as they do now. Those times are long gone now! If you have electronic equipment in your plant, you need PBE’s engineering services to help you understand, identify, solve & prevent these problems!
Everyone Experiences PQ Problems

Who Should Use PQ Engineering Services?

People who find themselves having to deal with building electrical systems (BESs) & electronic equipment problems come from every known customer market & sector. Everyone installs electronic loads on their BESs designed to the bare minimum standards of the National Electrical Code. PQ not only affects people who own & operate commercial & industrial facilities & businesses, but people who also own & operate residential facilities & homes. Individuals who are involved in any way with a structure—inside or outside of a business—real or virtual—will find themselves having to deal with PQ problems. Electricity is the blood of all facilities & allows our society & economy to operate. Without it, people cannot function, businesses cannot open (or close)—time almost stands still! From all the decades of service that PBE Engineers have provided to its customers, we’ve helped 1,000’s of people in every type of business—small and large, in the US & globally. Location doesn’t make a difference to us—we help customers understand, identify, solve & prevent PQ problems in the US and in almost every country around the world.
Knowledge & Expertise Is the Power to Address Power Quality Problems

E-Knowledge Base

The extensive knowledge and experience of PBE Engineers allows us to provide the world’s best online e-learning system for beginning and advanced power quality engineers. Our e-Knowledge Base includes technical articles, case studies, technology newsletters, PQ tips & industry definitions. Our advanced LearnDash e-Learning system provides the best training whether you just want to learn a little bit about it or you’re preparing for, starting or wanting to advance your career. Our training is designed to teach at the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. We use decades of experience—real-world situations with real power quality monitoring data to help students understand, identify, solve and prevent power quality problems at the system and equipment levels. Our training is designed for beginners and professionals regardless of what type of electrical engineering you’re involved in. PBE uses real-world problems, domestic and international standards, and technologies for power quality monitoring & data analysis and power quality mitigation to provide the best learning environment & experience you can find.


PBE Engineers listen to our clients and assemble the facts about their power quality problems. We use proven state-of-the-art investigative methods to determine the root cause(s) of the problems your building electrical systems (BESs) and electronic equipment are experiencing.