Learn about power quality with PBE’s thorough e-Learning courses—based on decades of industry experience. Use PBE’s Knowledge Center to learn more about power quality—definitions, standards, case studies & important links to other industry resources. 

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After engaging with PBE Engineers to have us identify, solve & prevent your system & equipment problems for you, subscribe to or purchase specific courses in PBE Engineer’s PQ e-Knowledgebase Center to start learning about power quality (PQ) & electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Our technical articles, definitions, discussion of industry standards (IEEE, IEC, ANSI, NEMA & others), case studies & information directing you to other links to other industry resources will start your path to start learning what you need to know about PQ & EMC to manage the risks in your plant.

Case Studies, Technical Articles, Definitions & Discussion of Industry Standards (IEEE, IEC, ANSI, NEMA & Others)

Case Studies

Although the electrical engineering principles behind the PQ, EMI & EMI problems that occur on utility power systems & in customer facilities are the same, each problem case is unique. Providing case studies for potential PBE Engineers customers to read is important, because many people say, “That sounds like what I’m going through right now!” Although much of the technical detail in these case studies can’t be included, because it’s just too much technical detail, readers can still learn some of the important information:

1) Complex & bizarre customer electrical system & equipment problems outside of the ordinary electrical engineering & electrical problems do occur. 

2) Engineering experts at PBE Engineers do have the expertise, know-how & experience to collect the right information about the problem & put an effective plan together to identify & solve it. With the right expertise, know-how & experience—these problems can be solved. 

3) The economics of the problem—that is, how much of a financial impact enduring these problems are—is far worse than customers anticipate. 

4) There are modifications, repairs & upgrades that can be made after the causes of the problems are identified & after it has been solved to further improve the electrical performance of the system & its equipment.

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Technical Articles

Engineers at PBE have published 1,000’s of technical articles on power quality (PQ), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electromagnetic interference (EMI) discussing problems that occur on the utility (grid) side of the revenue meter & the customer side of the meter. Links to these articles will be published here soon. 


Industry definitions for PQ, EMC & EMI are vital to the understanding, identification, solution & prevention of PQ & EMI problems. Such definitions are published here.

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Industry Standards

Standards organizations—the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), American National Standards Institute (ANSI) & the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) all publish standards, recommended practices, guidelines & other technical documents on PQ, EMC & EMI. An overview of these documents can be found here

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