Case Studies

Pharmaceutical Company Renovates Telecom Building & Experiences Major Problems with High-End Tele-Conferencing Equipment

A major pharmaceutical company purchased a large old telecommunications facility in the Northeast that was used to support telecommunications equipment. The existing building included its original electrical system and a raised flooring system to support, power and ground the telecom equipment.

Power Quality Problems in a Hospital Imaging Suite

A hospital in the South started experiencing malfunctions & failures of their magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) & computed tomography (CT) modalities. These problems caused patients to miss their imaging appointments. This included in-patients to miss their appointments as well as emergency room (ER) patients. Because both sets of patients missed their appointments, their care was delayed.

Steel Mill Shutdown by Crows

A modern steel plant in the central United States is a producer of custom rolled steel & rebar. The plant produces steel from recycled scrap metal received by rail cars. Once received, the scrap metal is sorted into various types of metal. Scrap metal is melted using electric arc furnaces (EAFs). EAFs require very high power to melt the scrap metal before it is prepared for a series of processes for converting it into other steel-based products.

Middle School Electronic Emergency Lighting

Public & private schools like many other commercial & industrial facilities undergo lighting upgrades to achieve better illumination, energy savings & lighting control. The lighting in this middle school was upgraded to full electronic fluorescent lighting. All lighting in all rooms including the emergency lighting was upgraded to electronic lighting from traditional magnetic & incandescent lighting.

Industrial Parcel Processing Center Harmonic Problem

This large industrial plant, which was part of a large global shipping company, located in the Eastern United States received thousands of parcel packages a day. After the packages came in, they were for reloading into large box trucks for delivery out into the regions surrounding the plant. The sorting process involved passing the packages through many conveyor systems before they reached the proper trucks.

Health Drink Manufacturer - Failing VFDs & IPSs

An industrial plant in the Western United States was a researcher & manufacturer of health drinks in the forms of liquid & powder. The plant was designed specifically to provide custom products to major fast-food customers that sold them to the public. This plant was designed by the manufacturer who was the original occupant.