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Understanding the basics of power quality (PQ) is necessary for end users to begin learning how to incorporate PQ into their facilities & equipment operations. A better understanding of PQ terms & definitions allows customers to start reducing the financial impact of poor PQ sooner. The primary challenge in discussing PQ with end users stems from the lack of understanding the basic PQ terms & definitions. PBE Engineers has recognized that a better source for PQ terms & definitions is needed to help customers begin the process of discussing their PQ problems with other staff, their own customers & PQ consultants like PBE Engineers. An improved source for PQ terms & definitions will also help customers improve the PQ performance of their facilities & equipment within a shorter time frame. PBE Engineers will be adding terms to this Definitions webpage as we provide the basic PQ terms & definitions free of charge & advanced PQ terms & definitions under our low-cost PQ Knowledge-Based Subscription Program.

Power quality – the concept of powering and grounding [sensitive] electronic equipment in a manner that is suitable to that equipment.

Linear Load – an electrical load where the relationship between the voltage and current is constant, and the current at any time is proportional to the voltage.