Power Systems & PQ Studies 

Power Quality Impact Studies

Whether you’re an electric utility, A&E firm, equipment manufacturer or end user, having PBE Engineers conduct a PQ Impact Study on your DER equipment will determine why an incompatibility exists between your DER equipment (or system / farm) & the grid it’s interconnected to. Regarding utility impact, PBE engineers can determine the impact of a DER equipment, system or farm on the PQ performance of the utility grid. A&E firms may face or have customers engaging in large amounts of DER on their site or roof. PBE Engineers can take the facility electrical system (and grid) PQ characteristics & combine them with the facility’s electronic load characteristics to determine the impact between / on each. DER equipment manufacturers may be experiencing instabilities between one or more of their technologies & the customers’ FES (and/or the grid) & need help to determine not only the cause(s) but why it occurred & how it can be solved & prevented. DER Owners, Operators & End Users may be dealing with component failures, PQ phenomena causing utility disconnection and/or IEEE 1547 issues & need help addressing them to solve existing problems & prevent them from recurring. PBE expert PQ & EMI engineers have the experience to understand, identify, solve & prevent any PQ (or EMI) problem.

Power System Modeling & Analyses

PBE Engineers offers extensive experience with respect to utility, industrial, and commercial studies for engineering firms & customers that address power system problems. These capabilities include site surveys, field measurements, computer simulations, and equipment sensitivity characterizations. Specific study capabilities include power factor correction analysis, harmonic evaluations, transient analysis, and power quality (PQ) site surveys involving wiring and ground evaluations.  PBE has developed a comprehensive approach that includes computer simulations and measurements for analyzing facility PQ problems. Specific capabilities include PQ Studies, Voltage Variation Analysis, Utility Transmission & Distribution Analysis, Harmonic Analysis & Problem Solving & Utility Capacitor Switching Analysis.

Power System Studies

Power systems and power quality (PQ) engineering studies provide the capability to evaluate utility and customer system problems and mitigation techniques, distribution system planning and operations, distributed generation, energy conservation, energy conversion, and end-user power quality requirements. Our power system modeling and analysis capabilities provide the foundation for all other activities within this core area of PBE’s expertise. Primary activities include computer modeling and simulation and analysis for the evaluation of power systems harmonic and transient phenomena. Additional expertise includes traditional power system analysis functions, such as distribution planning, stability, short circuit, and load flow. Important capabilities include voltage variation analysis, surge studies, harmonic studies, utility capacitor-switching analysis, insulation coordination analysis, loss reduction analysis & load upgrade / impact analysis.