Industry Partners

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PBE Engineers maintains key relationships with industry partners involved in power quality. This includes companies involved in power quality monitoring, power quality data management & analysis, power quality research, manufacturers of power quality mitigation equipment & devices as well as other power quality consultants. Our partners are listed in alphabetical order.

Dranetz –

Dranetz, the first to the drawing board to produce an instrument that could record voltage behavior, is the world leader in advanced temporary & permanent power quality (PQ) monitoring instruments. Their portfolio of monitors record triggered voltage & current behavior with the abilities to analyze over 600 PQ parameters through the use of their advanced DranView PQ analysis software. Their monitors, which were also the first to transport PQ data over a communications line, introduced customers to the benefits of remote PQ monitoring which allowed monitors to be setup & data to be automatically polled & downloaded via telephones lines followed by the Internet. Dranetz monitors are found in all customer sectors & markets: residential, commercial, industrial & government. PBE Engineers use Dranetz monitors in their PQ investigative efforts.

Elspec –

Elspec, the first to develop an advanced PQ monitor (also called an analyzer) capable of recording all of the voltage & current behavior, eliminates the probability of missing a voltage & current disturbance event. Their advanced line of PQ analysis software platforms allows monitoring experts to conduct a thorough analysis of all PQ behavior for voltages & currents. Elspec also provides remote PQ monitoring capabilities for downloading PQ monitoring data. Unlike Dranetz, with 35 years of experience Elspec provides custom-designed PQ mitigation solutions for power factor correction & VAR compensation. Elspec also serves residential, commercial, industrial & government. PBE Engineers also use Elspec monitors in their PQ investigative efforts.

Omniverter –

Founded in 2000, Omniverter provides a portfolio of power quality (PQ) disturbance mitigation solutions which prevent grid- & customer-generated electrical events from interrupting unplanned production stoppages & from premature malfunction, damage & failure of electrical & electronic loads. Omniverter’s approach is to measure (via PQ monitoring), analyze (using PQ data analysis software) & protect (using Omniverter’s mitigation equipment). PBE Engineers work with Omniverter to allow end users & utilities to mitigate voltage sags & momentary interruptions, harmonically distorted voltages & currents, the regulation of voltage magnitude, voltage transients & harmonic resonance. Omniverter products are used in many commercial & industrial customer sectors including healthcare, semi-conductor fabrication, transportation & pulp / paper mills to name a few. Omniverter also produces a state-of-the-art PQ disturbance (sag) generator for determining the PQ immunity of electrical & electronic loads to voltage sags.