What are Power Quality Engineering Services Value?

Serving customers in each sector—residential, commercial & industrial for their power quality (PQ) needs is a mission. When customers realize they have an internal PQ-related equipment problem, they really need help. When a customer contacts PBE for assistance, we listen! Each PBE staff member cares about each customer. Customers don’t pick the dates & times they experience system & equipment problems. When customers experience problems, PBE is there to provide the support that’s needed, whether it be a phone call or site visit—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Once you’ve become a PBE customer, we are available to discuss any new equipment problems that develop.

Qualities of our value-added professional engineering services include:

  • Safety First – All of our PQ engineering services are designed around safety for our customers & our staff.
  • Carefully-Planned Engineering Support Based on the Customers’ Needs— PBE develops a project plan & schedule around your plant processes & production schedules unless an emergency response is needed.
  • Professionalism & Quality—Parts of our commitment to expert PQ engineering include our quality investigations, analyses, solutions designs & verification & workmanship.
  • Explanation of PQ Phenomena—Understanding how & why PQ impacts building electrical systems & electronic equipment is not easy for most customers. PBE wants their customers to understand as much about PQ & their equipment problems as practical. PBE strives to explain PQ phenomena to their customers using simple easy-to-understand analogies & examples & explains how & why their electrical systems & equipment play a role in their business & react the way they do to common everyday electrical disturbances & unanticipated electrical conditions.
  • Experienced Expert PQ Engineers Available—We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to respond to a customer’s system or equipment problems.
  • Once a PBE Customer Always a PBE Customer—Our customers are welcome to contact us about questions or concerns regarding their power quality whenever necessary. Power quality is a continual process that should be integrated into a facility’s O&M procedures.
  • Materials Management—PBE customers are charged only for the equipment & materials needed to do the job. Staff members treat materials as if they were our own—we secure all materials prior to & during a project either on or off customer property.
  • Cleanliness—PBE staff members take pride in their appearance & work areas when on customer property.